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Gsoc weekly statuts Report

August 12, 2010

Hi all,

Now only a week is left for Gsoc ,it has been a really good learning experience,
now as the coding period ends , it’s time to start working on documentation and
continue with bug fixes

coming to the status report last week finally i completed from and having clauses .
and now we have auto joins support on visual builder šŸ™‚
i figured out a few bugs , now this week will be fixing those and do a thorough testing.
and complete the documentation .


weekely status report

August 4, 2010

Hi all,

Last week i completed the from clause which was only thing left in query building,
now i am testing it on my machine, there are few issues with automatic joins which i will fix

Plans for next week are resolve join issues testing and fixing bugs, improve styling.

Gsoc status Report

July 28, 2010

Hi all,

i had decided that by 25th i will complete the query building, but i got sick in between
and it took a couple of days to recoverĀ  :(.
Now i am all fit and fineĀ  and will try to complete the query building by the end of this week.
i have already completed select clause,where clause,order by and group by clauses.
main part remaining is FROM clause and generating LEFT JOINS.
I have figured out the logic for that and will implement it by the end of this week.

also while implementing order by andĀ  group by i felt few changes are needed in design
so am planning toĀ  add Ascending and Descending button for ORDER BY
and include a HAVING clause with GROUP By.

Weekly status report -Gsoc

July 14, 2010
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Hi all,

Finally the ‘Query Building’ part of visual builder has started !!
Select options with rename and aggregate operator part of query building is complete .

To store select options i used a select_field[] array, some changes were made to implement select * option, query for rename and aggregate operator is done.
A Query window is also created which shows the query built.

Next week i am planning to complete From part of builder and start working on where.

Weekly status Report-Gsoc

July 4, 2010

Hi all,

Last week i travelled a lot, made a round trip to delhi and then to bangalore, so was not able to do much though i almost completed the history tab(have to remove a few bugs), now have to test it on other browsers, currently i have tested only on firefox v 3.6.6 .

Last week tasks done

  • improved the styling of history tab
  • Added new delete button .
  • Added edit option,for where,rename and aggregate to change these options.
  • Added detail button in history tab.

Tasks for next week

  • Check history tab on other browsers.
  • build a data-structure to store selected columns.
  • build a query window.
  • start on query building šŸ™‚

Weekly status report

June 26, 2010

History tab is taking more time than what i planned šŸ˜¦ , still i have to improve styling and add few features.

while implementing i realized that clubbingĀ  all object with same table name together will be a good option ,as user can easily see what all conditions areĀ  imposed on a particular table.

I have made a history_array[] to store all the history objects(where,rename,aggregate,groupby,orderby).
so now we will have all the information needed for query building in this data structure.

for the next week i am planing to complete history tab, improve the styling andĀ  add edit and remove features

Status report Gsoc week 3

June 17, 2010

last week i started working on history tab

Tasks Done

  • J-Query : was thinking to use j-query for implementation of history panel, but i have no previous experience so learned the basics.
  • implemented a OOP model for history panel.

Tasks For next week

start work on display of history with various options (delete,edit etc)